How Does Troy Otto Die?

What episode does Troy Otto die?

In episode 15, Troy Otto – played by Daniel Sharman – met his end after Madison Clark (Kim Dickens) discovered that he was the one who led that massive zombie horde to the ranch..

Is Troy Otto really dead?

Madison killing Troy Otto was one of the mysteries of season 3. Though we technically never saw his dead body, she hit him hard enough with a hammer to think that he wasn’t coming back, one way or the other. … Then out of the blue Madison killed him at the dam before making her escape.

Is Troy Otto coming back?

The latest news is that Troy Otto – who was played by Teen Wolf and The Originals star Daniel Sharman in season three last year – is coming back to FTWD for season five, which will premiere in 2019.

How does Jake die in fear the walking dead?

Troy and Nick attempted to save him by cutting off his arm, but Jake — in the arms of his brother — eventually bled to death, and Troy had to put his reanimated brother down. It was all Troy’s fault. Or Nick’s fault for protecting Troy. Either way, Jake is dead.