How Do You Use The Word Provide?

What bestow means?

to present as a gift; give; confer (usually followed by on or upon): The trophy was bestowed upon the winner.

to put to some use; apply: Time spent in study is time well bestowed.


to provide quarters for; house; lodge.

to put; stow; deposit; store..

How do you use the word provide in a sentence?

Provided sentence examplesThe drive home provided opportunity to think. … All it takes is the resolve to stop – provided you actually want to stop. … She had provided all the information he needed through Connie. … Provided he poses no danger to us, yes.More items…

What does mean his?

: that which belongs to him —used without a following noun as a pronoun equivalent in meaning to the adjective his.

What is difference between his and him?

We use pronouns such as “he, him, and his” while talking about a person particularly male. The word “his” is used either as a pronoun or an adjective however, The word “him,” on the other hand, is the objective form of the pronoun “he.” Ex: He has a camera. The camera belongs to him.

How do you use provide?

Provide sentence examplesFred’s lady friends will provide all the support I need. … Alex was doing everything in his power to provide her with all the experiences of a natural mother. … Our order should provide means to that end. … They provide information such as reviews and user ratings.More items…

What is the meaning of provide for?

1 : to cause (something) to be available or to happen in the future The contract provides for 10 paid holidays. The law provides for the appointment of a new official. 2 : to supply what is needed for (something or someone) It’s hard to make enough money to provide for such a large family.

How do you use the word his?

His is a possessive pronoun, it is used to show something belonging to or connected with a man, boy or male animal that has just been mentioned. For example: “Mark just phoned to say he’d left his coat behind. He’s very worried. Do you know if this is his?”

What are synonyms for provide?

Synonyms foradminister.bring.contribute.equip.give.grant.hand over.prepare.

Can His be used for female?

This template will expand to “his” or “her” based on a user’s gender. It will obtain the user’s gender from the user’s preferences and expand to form “his” (male), “her” (female), or “his or her” (unspecified).

What does the word provide literally mean?

Provide entered English around 1375–1425. It comes from the Latin prōvidēre, meaning “to foresee, look after, provide for.” The underlying idea of this verb is seeing something at a distance or beforehand, and when you can see something coming, you can make arrangements and prepare supplies for it.

Is it provide to or provide for?

Provide (something) to/for: When “provide” is followed by a direct object, English speakers can use the prepositions “to” or “for.” Provide (something) to/for (someone) means that you deliver or give something to someone.

What is the opposite word of provide?

What is the opposite of provide?misallocatecollectkeepreceiveretaintakewithholdtake inrefusetake back9 more rows